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It’s time we shared a little secret with all the die-hard Topshop fans out there: the brand has an outlet store, where everything is extremely heavily discounted and – wait for it – buy one get one free!

It may sound too good to be true, so we’ve weighed up the pros and cons (after several visits) to give you a better idea of what the store’s like, and if it’s worth the trip.


1 – Everything in the outlet store has come from a Topshop high-street branch, or direct from their factory – so your’e able to find items that may have cost well above £40 originally at a significantly lower price.

2 – The seemingly endless rails of stock, and necessary rummaging make any subsequently purchased bargains feel well-deserved. Reminds us a little of vintage shopping or thrifting.

3 – Everything, yes EVERYTHING, is buy one get one free. Double Topshop at no extra cost? Yes please!

4 – If you visit regularly, you’re bound to find some great pieces as stock is renewed weekly, if not every few days.

5 – It’s A LOT more inexpensive than Topshop on the high street – most things are cheaper than even the chain’s sale prices.


1 – As expected with most outlet stores, a lot of the stock is from a past season or slightly damaged.

2 – The shopping centre and surrounding area aren’t great for fashion, so if you were planning on a nice day of clothes-hunting you may be disappointed.

3 – You do have to be prepared to rummage for ages, and it can be difficult to find the correct size.

4 – Shoes and accessories are limited, and so far we’ve seen no menswear.

With all the above taken into account, here’s our verdict…


If you live in London (although the outlet store is quite far-out), or are in the area, it’s well worth a look. We recommend you don’t give up on it after just one look as stock is ever-changing.

If it’s going to take you anything longer than two hours to get there, we’d be inclined to say it isn’t worth the journey, although you could be lucky! With the BOGOF offer and extremely low prices (£1 for many of the tights/accessories and less than £10 for a LOT of the clothes) LDNfashion certainly likes it!


10b The Broadwalk Centre
Station Road

Nearest tube: Edgware (Northern Line)

Have you visited the outlet store? Brilliant or a waste of time? Let us know what you thought (and bought!) below.

  • graykeller

    TopShop won’t be the same without Kate Moss.

  • love2shop

    ive been to edgeware several times and im always disappointed with the lack of shops
    then once i was told they had a top shop. so i went there excited and then realised it was actually an outlet. and everything was so cheap!!
    i got two items which would actuallycost 70quid for a tenner amazed WOW!
    but many of my friends have not been as fortunate, they find it hard to find things that actually are in season.
    so personally only go if your willing to look!

  • JohnnyBoy

    does it have menswear?

    • Ben

      afraid not

  • Rebecca

    Hi, i would love to visit but i live in Leeds! Does anyone know of any more of these outlets near me?

  • vine alagba

    Do they have lots of accessories in their outlet?

  • Shan

    I went there and got 6 items which in full price amounted to £130 for 30quid !!! Wicked, Will defo be returning soon!

  • hamida

    is this outlet still there?

  • amyk

    I live locally and have been there many time and never realised it was their outlet store!! Saying that anything I’ve bought there was seriously good and wonderful value for what I paid. e.g. A sweater dress for £10 with a free navy and white spot skirt!

  • Laura Marie

    I went there yesterday and got two items for £15 originally would of been £60. I liked the bogof thing they have going on. The store requires alot of rummaging which I loved, but might not be to the liking of others. Alot of the items were ripped/ruined and not worth buying or even selling as was beyond repair. The journey took a while but I definitely think it was worth it.

  • Chris

    I’m comin from abroad to london for shopping and most likely to this topshop/topman outlet.
    Can anybody confirm that there is no mens clothing at all?

    Thank you.

    • Chloe

      There is definately no mens; I was there two weeks ago and there was none there. Got an amazing deal though; I got 3 skirts, a dress, a tee shirt, 4 braceletes and a semi-precious necklace all for £22 – it rrp’d at £134!! Definately worth a visit; the jewellry there is gorgeous and there is such a wide variety of clothes!!

  • Zara

    Does anyone know what the opening hours are for this store, and are they open on weekends?

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  • youdontknowme

    i live in america and love topshop and wish this was an online store too!! i would buy everything from it.

  • Lorenzo Stod

    Is this even Topman?
    Is it still opened?

  • Lorenzo Stod

    Is this even Topman?

    Is it still Opened?

  • Antonia Kraskowski

    Its not so good any more, I used to go a lot but they no longer do buy one get one free.

  • Zainab Lucina Owonifari

    when do good things come in ??

  • sophie

    I visited the outlet store last year. It is very far away and but i really wanted to go. It was a bit of a let down to be honest. Although it was VERY cheap with a buy 1 item get and item free and cost were very good. However the store is very very very very small and you really have to have a long good look to find anything decent. I think its based on luck and what day you go as i know there have been some very good reviews, but i would defiantly say if it’s going to take you long to get there it isn’t really worth going. Also there is no men’s section for anyone wondering. :)

  • peaches

    This store Is no longer BOGOF which was a shame as I went there

  • Rebecca Elizebeth Hughes

    They have an outlet in slough also :) much better I got some amazing clothes that went too out of season and was almost like a normal shop but everything was heavily discounted!

    • Jessica Dellar-gardiner

      Whats the address?

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