Anna-Karin Karlsson collaborates with Harrods

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Luxury Swedish eyewear brand Anna-Karin Karlsson will be collaborating with Harrods to curate a retail space as part of the Harrods Social Butterfly campaign.

The Social Butterfly store theme will run during the months of May and June and several brands have designed exclusive collections or curated retail spaces that will run for the duration of the campaign.

Anna-Karin Karlsson said: “This launch at Harrods is definitely a milestone for us at Anna-Karin Karlsson. We are excited to contribute to the Social butterfly-theme with an extraordinary display of our collection and an exclusive butterfly-inspired design.”

The brand combines high fashion and state-of-the-art techniques to create unique eyewear pieces. A new style of aviator sunglasses, “Miss Rosell”, featuring 24-carat gold plated butterflies will be available to buy exclusively from Harrods in the UK during the campaign.

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