London’s Best Curly Hair Salons

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If you’re blessed with a head of natural curls, you’ll know that curly hair needs special care and attention, and not all hairdressers have the experience or training to cut and style curly hair.

Seeing a professional stylist who specialises in curly hair is well worth making a special trip for or paying a little more. Not only will you get a cut and style designed for you, but you can also get advice on the best products to use and how to style your hair and keep it in great condition at home.

The following are the best salons for curly hair in London, based on reviews and reputation.

1. Unruly Curls

Unruly Curls is headed up by stylist Michael Price, who has over 12 years of experience working with curly hair, and has devised his own technique for dealing with different types and textures.

The Notting Hill-based salon specialises in The Curl by Curl (Deva Cut), which is a dry cut focusing on curl pattern and texture. Each cut starts with a consultation, and this starts when you book your appointment. Those following the Curly Girl Method are welcome to bring along their preferred products.

Price: Cut and finish from £40; Curl by Curl Cut £120; All over colour from £70

Open 9am – 6pm onday, 9am – 8pm Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am – 8pm Thursday and Friday, 10am – 7pm Saturday, and 12.30 – 7.30pm Sunday

Peoples Hall, 2/2 Olaf St, Notting Hill, London, W11 4BE

2. Curly Hair London

Stephanie Nikolova is the founder of Curly Hair London, and has 34 years of experience in hairdressing. For the last decade she has been dedicated to curly hair only, using natural and organic products, and has developed her own methods of cutting and treating curly hair. She’s also trained and certified in Curl by Curl cutting and the Curly Girl Method. All products used in the salon are Curly Girl friendly.

Price: Custom cut £160; Colour £150

Open 10am – 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Closed Thursday and Sunday.

18 Denmark St, West End, London, WC2H 8NE

3. Curl Whisperer

Lindsey Hughes is the founder of Curl Whisperer and has been hairdressing for nearly 30 years. She founded her practice after starting her own curly hair journey, and has trained at the Devachan Academy in America. She believes in keeping products to a minimum and letting your curls achieve their natural potential.

Price: Curly cut £135; Pintura colour £150

Open 10am – 1pm Monday to Wednesday, 8.30am – 8pm Thursday, 8.30am – 7pm Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday

2nd floor, River House, Hunter Collective, 143-145 Farringdon Rd, London, EC1R 3AB

4. Darren Scott Salon

Darren Scott categorises his services into three menus – Afro Caribbean, Mixed Heritage & Curly Hair and European.

Natural hair services include twists, and there’s also a wide selection of relaxers, texturisers, perms, and keratin treatments on offer. Various types of weaves are also available, as well as weave removal.

Price: Wash and blow dry for natural hair £120; Colour from £80

Open 10am – 6pm Saturday to Monday, and 10am – 7pm Tuesday to Friday

117 Shirland Rd, London, W9 2EW


5. Curl Talk

Joleigh at Curl Talk was London’s first stylist in London to be trained by Lorraine Massey of the Curly Girl Method in the Curl by Curl cutting technique and also in the DevaCurl cutting technique at the DevaChan salon in New York. She now uses a combination of both these techniques for the best results.

Joleigh also specialises in hand-painted Curl by Curl Pintura highlights. After your cut or colour, you’ll receive individual “curl coaching” so you can easily maintain your curls at home.

Price: £100 for cutting and shaping

Unit 5E, 65 Princelet St, Spitalfields, London, E1 5LP

Open 11am – 6pm Tuesday, 11am – 7pm Thursday and Friday, 10am -7pm Saturday, and 10am -6pm Sunday. Closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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