3 Important Steps to Take on the Way to your First Luxury Timepiece

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Buying your first luxury watch is like taking the first steps for a baby – you have to watch out and be extra attentive. Your purchase is bound to set a new kind of relationship that can be shared between a watch owner and their favourite timepiece, a world shared by two, lost in time.

But before you dive into that world, there’s still one important step to accomplish- buying your first watch. The issue with the luxury watches market is that in the 21st century luxury timepieces around the world come in more sizes and shapes that any sane person should ever have to know about. And with such huge variety of colours, materials, systems, brands and prices, which model should you opt for to make your experience unforgettable in the good sense of this word? Here is some sound advice to help you along the way:

1. Set a Budget – around the £4-5k Mark

What you’re looking for is a piece that gets amazed and admiring glances without breaking the bank. At the same time, this timepiece has to be a valuable investment rather that just a general accessory, save that for your wallet. There are quite a few names on the market that should ring a bell – Rolex pieces, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitlings, Cartier, IWCS, Tag Heuer, Omegas- just to name a few. While they produce the finest high quality watches, they are big enough to be able to mass produce, something you’re looking for in your first timepiece.

2. Go for well-established models

A model can go through decades of transformations before it hits the current market, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Newbies by famous watchmakers may look pretty appealing, but they have to yet achieve their place under the sun, and some may even prove a failure. Well-established models, on the other hand, have stood the test of time and proven to be priceless and timeless.

3. Find a trusted store

Another problem with luxury watch shopping is the abundance of providers, not all of whom offer genuine, tested pieces. A trusted provider will offer a return policy and guaranteed transactions, as well will ensure the timepiece is original and genuine. This phase usually takes quite a bit of time, but it is the pledge on the way to obtaining something really valuable. Some providers have earned their name in the industry, like stores selling original luxury watches by Chronoexpert, other are new but whatever it is, spend a decent amount of time reading reviews and testimonials, and scanning the provider’s website for what their policies are- you will thank yourself later.

The Takeaways

Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and go sailing towards your first timepiece- even if it feels like sailing in the storm at first glance. Once you know the basics, you’ll surely want to dive deeper and reveal the realm of luxury timepieces to its fullest.

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